Swap your device for any reason

Bored of your current device? 3PhoneSwap gives you the freedom to choose. Change colour, replace your existing phone, or even swap your device for a similar brand whenever you like with our replacement, like-for-like, or like-for-similar swap plans.

Swap now

Here's how it works:

Decide whether you want to swap to the exact same device or something different. We offer the freedom to swap to another brand or style within the same generation and price range. We deliver to any residential or office address in the Republic of Ireland during next working day.

Have a question? Please contact us on our live chat.

Make the swap in just a few easy steps

We make swapping as simple as possible so you can get up and running with your new, similar or replacement phone sooner.

Two arrows around a device that shows how the swap process allows users to always have a device.

Enter your details

Enter a few simple details about your device, with your name and ID. We'll only ask for the information we really need.

A finger selecting an option on a keyboard.

Make your choice

We offer two swapping options: like-for-like (same phone, any colour), like-for-similar (different brand, similar generation, and same price range - subject to availability) or an exact replacement. We'll then need a few basic details on the condition of your current device.

A pin point on a location that explains that we deliver the device where customers ask us to.

Confirm the swap

Pick the swap that’s right for you from the options available. There’s a one-off fee for each swap which depends on your plan and the type of phone you pick.

An invoice with a euro that shows how much customers need to pay.

Get your phone

We’ll deliver to any residential or office address in the Republic of Ireland. Just have your current phone ready for pick up. Don’t forget to back up, unlock your phone and disable any ‘Find My Phone’ apps beforehand.

At 3PhoneSwap, we offer two simple choices for you to make a swap:

Frequently asked questions

You can swap your phone whenever you want, you don’t need a reason. You have the freedom to choose. Some people swap because their screen is cracked, chipped or water damaged. Others are simply bored of the colour and fancy a change of brand or generation. You can see all the options available to you when you apply to make the swap.
This differs according to your plan. Prices start from €40 and go up to €250 for top-of-the-range phones and include free delivery to any residential or office address in the Republic of Ireland. Please note that all payments must be made by debit/credit card.
You can swap twice a year for any reason. No exclusions. We count a year as 12-months from when you sign-up to your plan.
Some phones have the IMEI number printed on the back or you can dial *#06#.
When our delivery driver arrives, they’ll take your current phone and will hand over your ‘3PhoneSwap’ device. Please remove any covers, cases or accessories. There are a few things to remember:
  • Unlock your phone.
  • Turn off any passcodes or other access ID.
  • Turn off the 'Find my iPhone' or any similar android app or feature.
  • Delete any Google accounts.
  • Switch off or uninstall any apps, locks, or features that may prevent us from accessing and resetting your phone. This will enable us to do a full data wipe, permanently removing all your personal information and data (for example photos and messages).
It’s very important that you back up all your data as your original phone will have all your data removed. If you don’t ensure your phone is unlocked / turn off features such as Find my iPhone, you may be subject to an additional charge which can be up to the original value of the phone you ordered.
For all requests we receive Monday to Friday between 8am to 5pm (excluding public holidays) we aim to deliver the next working day. Otherwise, it’s usually within two working days.
On the day of delivery, simply have your current phone ready for pick up. The courier will arrive with a box in which you need to place your current phone for the courier to take away. They will then hand over your new phone.
When you join 3PhoneSwap, currently your first month’s fee will be free and then we bill you 20 days later for the next one. This is because we always bill customers 10 days before the end of the month, as part of your monthly billing cycle.

If you have used a “1-month free” promo code. Your first month fee will not be taken, however you will be billed 10 days before the end of the month as mentioned above.
This is a 12-month plan – but it offers a 14-day cooling-off period. Please contact us through email contact@bolttech.ie or live chat, should you need to cancel within the cooling-off period and our Customer care will guide you through the process.
We don’t offer this service currently. But we do offer a broad range within these four plans.
It’s not possible to do this as your plan is based on the phone you currently have. But you can start a new plan with a new phone, if you wish.
No, unless you give us notice to quit, your plan then becomes a monthly rolling contract.
After your first 12-months, simply give us one month’s notice, in writing, before your contract ends. Do this by emailing us at contact@bolttech.ie
Thanks for your interest but the service is available for those 18 and over.